Inspired interactive webinars, classes, or recorded presentations on a wide variety of personal, professional, and global health and wellness topics. 

I have over 20 years of experience teaching and developing curriculum for a wide variety of venues; both in the academic and mainstream industries. Understanding the neurobiological mechanisms of learning, transformation, and change has been instrumental in allowing me to design learning platforms that deliver active learning and life skills. 

I am passionate about helping people 'come back to their senses' as a way of accessing their deepest potential for health and wellness.  My scope of practice as a lifestyle medicine practitioner includes mind/body skills training for trauma recovery, dietary consulting including conscious eating (with a specialized focus on eating disorders resultant from trauma), integrated bodywork, and cultivating sensory awareness. My expertise as a practitioner lies in paying special attention to relationsthe wellness of the nervous system and brain/body chemistry with relation to healing and transforming. 

As a consultant, I am a natural born leader, teacher, and facilitator. I bring a wealth of experience and intuitive wisdom to the training and transformative process. I have refined my ability for group facilitation into an art form. In addition to my extensive academic experience, my background includes certification in transformative leadership, leading with spirit, and socially engaged spirituality. I have exceptional mastery in dynamics that ‘train the trainer’, program development, and implementation as well as compliance and accreditation consultation within academic institutions. I have a proven track record in designing and implementing successful programs, fixing ineffective, underperforming systems, and improving overall staff/faculty/trainer engagement and commitment. 

I am passionate about creating educational and informational resources that are engaging and accessible while utilizing technology to its fullest potential. I consider it a worthy and exciting challenge to create online and virtual learning venues that are personalized and experientially captivating. 

If you are trying to turn your own resources into technology-based learning or have a need for a particular topic; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also check out my courses and learning co-operative: Live Life Resources