Sustainable Food, Health, and Lifestyle Advocacy

Cultivating a sustainable lifestyle means rethinking how we live and attempting to live within our own ecological means (Liu, 2018). Sustainable health and wellness require the same approach. But where to begin? And how to keep up with the latest facts and figures? This is where I come in.

As a researcher, I am passionate about gathering, synthesizing, and presenting the most progressive and up to date information on a wide variety of topics related to resilience and sustainability. 

More than just buzzwords, being able to live sustainably and cultivate resilience are the most life-enhancing skills an individual, family, or community can possess. In recent cross-generational surveys, over 77% of the participants expressed the desire to learn how to live more sustainably (SCU, 2019). Yet, most people surveyed were at a loss on how to generate life strategies that might really make a difference. 

I conduct research and facilitate active learning through workshops, course offerings, and events. 

By conducting research grounded in human interest and behavior, I add to the growing body of evidence-based literature concerning sustainability, resilience, and the enhancement of quality of life. 

In highlighting individual and social processes, needs, and actions, I hope to provide nonpartisan, empirically supported data that will increase public understanding and inform local and national policymaking in the pursuit of health and well-being.  To participate in surveys, polls, or case study research visit LiveLifeResources

Transformational change happens when individuals and communities have the opportunity to gather and apply new information. I provide both in-person and online forums designed to engage participants in multidimensional learning opportunities focused on the enhancement of health and well-being and the cultivation of resilience. 


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