Let me help you create the perfect blend of ambient influence with sensory stimuli for your food environment. Cultivate a deeper appreciation for food and eating.

Neuro-aesthetics is initially a study of the neurobiological response to art and beauty, however, the field has expanded to include exploration of sensory influence on perceptions of food, taste, flavor, and dining experience. Did you know that studies suggest that sound can subconsciously influence not only the perception of flavor but also the rate at which people consume their food? Music, decibel level, the volume of conversation, reverberation; they all impact the dining experience and lend themselves to whether or not someone has a good dining experience. 

Did you know that even the 'shape' of the name of a menu item can influence the perception of flavor and enjoyment? Yep, that's right... what a dish is called on your menu can make or break it. 

You might have the best food in the world but if your diners are unable to feel at ease with the sounds in the environment their brain will register less enjoyment of flavor; conversely if you have a great supporting environment they will register an increased enjoyment of flavor. This is true for all sensory stimuli from temperature, texture, visual... they all play a part. 

 I can help you increase your outreach and customer satisfaction by using these latest findings in the neuroesthetics of food, flavor, and dining to make simple tweaks to the menu and/or the ambience of your dining room can make all the subconscious difference to how your customers enjoy their experience and keep them coming back for more. 

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