I have exceptional mastery in curriculum and program development and implementation as well as accreditation compliance within academic institutions. 

I have a proven track record in redesigning ineffective, underperforming systems and implementing effective and efficient strategies to ensure successful program delivery. Strategies include tried and true methods of leadership management, understanding how to train the adult learner, and creating systems that improve overall staff/faculty/trainer engagement and commitment. I focus on creating an integrated curriculum that accesses the full range of learning potential for students and delivery for trainers. 

My forte is in the development and implementation of new educational programs utilizing a variety of technological options and learning platforms. If you are an organization, school, or even an individual trying to leverage your offerings through virtual learning environments then we should talk.  


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Experience with both regional and national accreditation at post-secondary, undergraduate and graduate levels. Programmatic focuses have included Health and Wellness, Integrated and Lifestyle Medicine, Health Psychology, Emergency Management, Massage and Somatic Therapy, and Self-Help.