Sustainable Food, Health, and Lifestyle Advocacy

Have a specialty audience that needs more information, education, and options for personal, professional, and global wellness?

investigatingAs a researcher, I am passionate about gathering, synthesizing and presenting the most progressive and up to date information on a wide variety of topics including but most definitely not limited to:

  • PTSD and Trauma recovery - Turning post traumatic stress into post traumatic growth.
  • Weight Management - What are the full range of factors contributing to the obesity epidemic and what can be done? 
  • Diabetes - What are common errors in healthcare that contribute to the crisis of diabetes? Functional foods and effective management of insulin resistance and diabetes. 
  • Mind-Body Medicine interventions for effective stress management.
  • Sustainability and health
  • The interrelationship between healthy soil and your healthy gut.
  • Just one thing: artisan and traditional craftsmanship for the enhancement of well-being.

Don't see your topic on any of my lists or need a topic researched and presented; that's what I love...

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